St. Landry Parish, LA

St. Landry Parish, LA

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Here in the heart of Cajun Country, we host a wide range of events and activities for residents and visitors alike. Enjoy your stay in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. This printable listing of events was generated on!

Cajun Crawfish Bisque

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Crawfish Bisque  

Recipe courtesy Kelly Pitre, L'Acadie Inn & RV Park 

Local business owner, Kelly Pitre, did not expect to be cooking her family’s favorite meal, Cajun crawfish bisque, for professional chef and the host of Travel Channel’s No Reservations, Anthony Boudain, but how could she possibly turn down a celebrity chef? 

During the carnival season, Bourdain and his crew came to Eunice, Louisiana where one of the most wonderfully bizarre Mardi Gras celebrations takes place— the Courrier de Mardi Gras. There, revelers ride in traditional costumes, on horseback in rural areas soliciting for food commodities to be used for a community gumbo. Gumbo isn't the only dish on the menu during carnival season. Boudain visited Lakeview Park & Beach during his season 7 episode, Cajun Country, to witness a special Lundi Gras Boucherie and sample boudin, cracklin, backbone stew and other freshly made Cajun dishes. The boucherie was just a small taste of Eunice’s food culture, and Bourdain came back for more.

During his second visit, he was greeted by the scent of crawfish, basking in a bath of roux and the Cajun Holy Trinity (onion, bell pepper, celery). Kelly was approached by friend, Toby Rodriguez, master of boucheries and the owner of Lache Pas Boucherie et Cuisine. Feeling confident, Kelly graciously accepted the challenge and received much praise from Bourdain. Bring the Pitre family recipe to your own dinner table, and find out what all the fuss is about!