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Eunice Mardi Gras Celebration

March 1 - March 5

This unique five-day celebration is not your typical idea of Mardi Gras with beads and doubloons. In fact, in Eunice, Louisiana, you won’t find these trinkets in sight, but instead, men and women on horseback donned in hand-crafted wire masks, tall hats called capuchons, and very distinctive costumes. This one-of-a-kind celebration begins the Friday before Mardi Gras Day, but the main event is the Courir de Mardi Gras & Chicken Run, which involves chasing a chicken or guineafowl and silliness by revelers on Fat Tuesday.

The fun begins way before Tuesday! You can cut loose all weekend long in Eunice. Events begin the Friday before Fat Tuesday and include music concerts, jam sessions, street dances, cooking demos, and more. A run for children and teenagers, called Lil’ Mardi Gras, is held Sunday, as well as an old time boucherie (hog butchering).

The Eunice Courir de Mardi Gras dates back from when the town was first established in the late 19th century. The courir was abandoned for a few years during World War II, but in 1946 a small band of riders revived the tradition. Today, the Eunice Courir de Mardi Gras has more than 2,000 participants on the run and it continues to increase each year. Learn more about the history of rural Louisiana Mardi Gras traditions at CajunTravel.com/Mardi-Gras.

Friday, March 1st

Live music Downtown at Walnut & Second St.

7pm LaRecolte
10pm Wayne Toups

Saturday, March 2nd

Live music & events Downtown at Walnut & Second St.

12pm T-Monde
3pm Parade of Paw “Puppy Parade”
4pm Fred Charlie & the Acadiana Cajuns
6pm Jambalaya ft. Basile Mardi Gras Association @ Liberty Theatre
7pm Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys
9pm Jamie Bergeron &the Kickin Cajuns

Sunday, March 3rd  

Live music & events Downtown at Walnut & Second St.

9:30 Eunice Old Time Boucherie
10am Ryan Simon & Acadien
12:30pm Kegan Navarre & Louisiana Traditions
3pm Children’s “Lil Mardi Gras” Parade
4pm Horace Trahan & the Ossun Express

Monday, March 4th  

Live music & events Downtown at Walnut & Second St.

7pm Bubba Hebert & the New Morse Playboys
9pm Travis Matte & the Kingpins

Tuesday, March 5th

Live music & events Downtown at Walnut & Second St.

9:30am Wallace Trahan & Rice-N-Gravy
11am Ronnie Matthews & the Thow Down
1:30 Raul Daigle & Cajun Gold
3pm Mardi Gras Parade
4pm Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys