Visit a progressive facility who’s concerned about their carbon footprint, St. Landry Parish Solid Waste. The nationally recognized landfill, located in Washington, Louisiana, has made the practice of capturing methane gas and converting it into compressed natural gas a top priority. CNG is being used to run automated natural gas vehicles for garbage collection as well as our local sheriff department’s fleet. In fact, The St. Landry Parish Solid Waste Disposal District’s landfill “gas to vehicle fuel” project received national recognition when it earned the United States Environmental Protection Agency Landfill Methane Outreach Program 2012 Project of the Year Award. 

Tour the sanitary landfill today and learn more about the landfill gas to BioCNG Fueling project. All groups and students are welcome. The landfill is a permitted facility designed to protect and preserve the environment and is operated and monitored to ensure efficiency as well as the safety of the surrounding water, air, and land. The adjacent wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary demonstrate to visitors that through litter prevention and proper management of waste, landfills and nature can coexist. The land and water are protected by the use of retention ponds located next to the landfill which allows for monitoring and cleaning of water that has been in contact with the waste. Visitors are also introduced to the methods in which clean wood waste is diverted from the landfill and used to make mulch which is made available to local residents. Group and individual tours are available upon request. Learn more at

Ici on parle français. French is spoken here. 

Small Town, Big Impact: St. Landry Parish Fuels Up on RNG – Energy Vision