As well as being a great place to camp or picnic along the Bayou Courtableau in Washington, Louisiana, Willie’s Campground features a charming country bar that brings live music from all around. With bands ranging from country, zydeco, rock, and a variety of other genres, you’ll never miss a beat.

Every Wednesday at 7pm, you can play along with Ian Falgoust and Jennifer Slyder of Kit Shicker at Willie’s Grub n Groove jam session. If instruments are not you’re thing, Willie’s also hosts a karaoke event every Thursday at 9pm. Both events are free to attend.

Grab a cocktail and jam or sing along to your favorite tunes with the Bayou Courtableau right in view.

Ici on parle français. French is spoken here.

  • Closed Monday | Tuesday 3pm-12am | Wednesday 1pm-12am | Thursday-Friday 1pm-2am | Saturday 3pm-2am | Sunday 1pm-12am

  • 1408 Highway 10 North, Washington, Louisiana 70589

  • 337-826-4822