Tourism Economic Impact

Let’s talk tourism!

Tourism is the business of attracting, accommodating and entertaining those who travel for pleasure or business.  This means “new money” coming into our local communities with it being spent not only at our accommodations but at our gas stations, retail stores, attractions, and restaurants.

Tourists come for our many festivals and special events that in turn support local causes.  These year-round activities utilize the services of our local media outlets, print shops, food & beverage vendors, musicians and sound crews, artists, event venues and insurance providers. Again more “new money” being introduced into our local economy!

Travel Effect St. Landry Parish How does tourism affect you?

This “new money” means jobs throughout our parish with good wages. As a business or service provider, the odds are that you have someone employed or affiliated in the hospitality industry as a customer or client of yours.  When these employees purchases items at your grocery store, use your child care business, get tires for their vehicle, deposit money at your bank, have their hair done – their “new money” has just made its way into your cash register.  That’s tourism working for you!

How does tourism affect your quality of life?

This “new money” means sales tax revenue that helps to fund the day to day services provided to all residents of St. Landry Parish.  These dollars are invested by our local governments to fund our school system, provide police and fire protection, offer curbside trash pickup, maintain our streets and run public recreation facilities.  These are all services we benefit from as citizens, without bearing all the cost. That’s how tourism impacts your quality of life!

Who leads the tourism industry efforts for St. Landry Parish?

As the Destination Management Organization (DMO) for the parish, the St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission works to lead the way in promoting and marketing the many assets that attract travelers to the area.

How is the promotion of tourism in St. Landry Parish funded? 

More “new money” raised through a specific Hotel Motel Occupancy Tax, included with the cost of staying at a hotel, motel, bed & breakfast or campground located within St. Landry Parish, provides the resources for the work of the Commission.  This 4% tax is invested to position St. Landry Parish as a desirable destination using strategically planned advertising and effective marketing.

These funds also support the staffing and maintenance of the award-winning St. Landry Parish Visitor Center where visitors from around the world can experience our hospitality first hand.