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In St. Landry Parish, accordions are cool, boudin is hot and history is not just in textbooks! The region’s rich culture and history come from the diverse people who have called it home. Acadian, Creole, French, African, Spanish, Italian and Native American people have mixed and matched here for almost three centuries. History not only lives in museums and antique shops, but also churches, dancehalls, and historic homes. Those influences give St. Landry Parish music, food and culture that few can match. Our legislature recognizes the power of these attributes and has accordingly designated four capitals: Eunice – Prairie Cajun Capital; Opelousas – Zydeco Music Capital; Sunset – Rubboard Capital; and Grand Coteau – Sweet Dough Pie Capital.

St. Landry, a 939-square mile parish in Southcentral Louisiana, is also known for its natural beauty and wildlife. Hiking, fishing, hunting, birding, camping, biking, paddling, and other outdoor opportunities are possible in two wildlife management areas that cover thousands of acres of both forests and swampland.

Along with its colorful surroundings and history, the parish is also recognized as a Louisiana Retirement Community. Our warm and welcoming people are ready to make new residents feel like a local and may greet you with a friendly “Comment ca va?” or How are you? You can respond “toujours bon” because life is always good in St. Landry Parish!

Grand Coteau
Krotz Springs
Port Barre