Champagne’s Marche is a family-owned and operated grocery store in Leonville, Louisiana. They serve fresh boudin and cracklins daily and prepare hot Cajun meals for the lunch crowd. Champagnes is mostly known for their sweet, frosted king cakes, a special treat made available just before Mardi Gras. In fact, they received “Best King Cake in Acadiana” in a blind tasting in 2015. Their cakes are readily available in the bakery, but for a custom filling such as amaretto pecan, orders are recommended. Also, check out their review on where they received 12 out of 12 “babies” for their delicious recipe!

A small plastic “king cake baby” is often hidden into the cake by the buyer. The treat is typically shared among coworkers or friends, and traditionally, the person who finds the baby is responsible for purchasing the next cake. This unique tradition is celebrated during the Epiphany, which is why you’ll find a small toy representing the baby Jesus in your next cake.  

Ici on parle français. French is spoken here.