Just look for the giant cow! That’s how you’ll find the Eunice Superette, or maybe it’s the smell of fresh boudin and cracklin in the air that will lead the way. More than 50 years ago this family owned and operated full-service slaughterhouse was a small grocer and meat supplier in Eunice, but today the superette is Louisiana’s largest meat processing facility. Their retail location clearly lives up to that title with all sorts of specialty meats including alligator, stuffed chickens, lamb, tasso, sausage, crawfish tails, house-made bacon, and even “all natural” and “grass-fed” products from local farms.

This specialty market and smokehouse even grabbed the attention of Baton Rouge blogger and Food Network guest star, Jay Ducote. Ducote got to see the processing and butchering first hand and maybe even a giant slab of “Dat Guy’s Bacon”. Savor the experience yourself; just don’t forget to bring an ice chest.

Ici on parle français. French is spoken here.