Kartchner’s Grocery & Specialty Meats is a popular stop for travelers on Highway 190 between Opelousas and Baton Rouge. This local grocery store and meat market is most famous for their boudin and cracklins. Their smoked boudin and cream cheese and jalapeno stuffed boudin balls make the perfect road trip snack. You may want to bring an ice chest because Kartchner’s has your favorite Cajun dishes cooked and ready to take home. Here, prepared “heat and eat” meals are placed in boil bags and frozen. These home-cooked Cajun meals include a variety of gumbos and étouffées, rice dressing, boudin, cornbread, red beans & sausage, and much more. Kartchner’s also has a wide variety of local seasoning, beer, and wine.

Received an A+ rating by Boudin Link for chicken boudinregular boudin, and cream cheese jalapeno stuffed boudin balls