Mo’ Crawfish is a family owned seafood restaurant serving boiled crawfish, shrimp and crabs in a small community called Mowata located near the city of Eunice, Louisiana. The drive out to Mowata on the old Crowley Eunice Highway is magnificent. You’ll often see bright red crawfish traps on the tops of ponds and native birds flying over the water’s surface.

As a fourth-generation rice-farming family, the Hundleys have been farming rice, soybeans, and crawfish in their hometown of Mowata for more than 35 years. Michael and Katherine Hundley, along with their six sons and two daughters, own and operate the family restaurant which is open in the evenings during crawfish season, typically January through June. During the off-season, you can dine in for lunch. The restaurant serves seafood burgers, po’boys, gumbo, and étouffée. They also offer catering anytime, anywhere.