The Cajun Prairie Habitat is a beautiful 10-acre living exhibit of Louisiana native plants, flowers, and grasses in Eunice. This restored prairie is a project of the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society (501c3) whose goal is to ensure the survival of prairie flora. Southwest Louisiana’s Cajun Prairie once occupied 2.5 million acres and is now reduced to less than 150 acres of land. In 1988, Society volunteers used local seeds to cultivate the new prairie site and today it is touted as one of the United States’ leading restoration sites with more than 100 flora species.

Visitors can make an appointment to take a guided tour of the habitat or explore on their own, enjoying the paved walking path, covered pavilion, and benches. Every year the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society offers a guided tour in the spring and again in the fall during their meetings. The public is welcome to join and meet experts in the field including Dr. Malcolm Vidrine and Dr. Charles Allen, an esteemed author and botanist. These tours also include a special guest speaker and different topics of interest to gardeners.

The Society was named the 2013 Conservation Organization of the Year in the Annual Governor’s Conservation Achievement Recognition Program conducted by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation.  

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