To the diverse people who live here, bayous are essential to the quality of life, not just a waterway or means of travel, but important to industries, a form of recreation, and an unscathed natural beauty. They provide great fishing spots for outdoor enthusiasts and allow for kayak and canoe races and even festivals to be held year-round. The Teche-Vermilion Pumping station, located in Krotz Springs, Louisiana, was designed to help restore water quality and quantity, protect the regional groundwater supply, and to provide additional water for irrigation. It is vital to keeping these bayous clean and prevents stagnation. The pumps also service boats and other small vessels when the water level is too low to launch. Learn more about Teche-Vermilion Fresh Water District and take a personalized tour of the pumping station. You’ll understand the importance of the pumps to our waterways and our people.

This attraction is on the Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail. Learn more at

  • Guided tours are available by appointment only.

  • 7644 Highway 105, Krotz Springs, Louisiana 70750

  • Free Admission

  • Allot 45 minutes for a guided tour of the facility.

  • Bus parking is available.

  • 337-233-6902 or 337-566-8927