St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission

About the Tourist Commission

What is the St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission?

The St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission is a legislatively created political subdivision of the state of Louisiana, whose main charge is to develop and promote tourism within St. Landry Parish. (LA RS 33:4574)

Commission Purpose

Positioning St. Landry Parish as a leading tourism destination in the state, region and south is the main objective of the St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission. By working with local accommodations, attractions, specialty shops, artists and restaurants, we continuously market and promote our unique heritage and culture, making tourism a leading industry in St. Landry Parish. The Commission is housed in an award-winning, sustainably-designed visitor information center. There, travelers are greeted and encouraged to explore our authentic Cajun and Creole communities, rich with local flavor, where “We live our culture!”

Facts About The Commission

The St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission was chartered on November 4, 1981. The organizational meeting was held on November 18, 1981 in the Police Jury Chamber. The Commission is a non-profit organization, which is primarily funded by a 4% Parish Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax.

This financial support allows the St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission to market St. Landry Parish and its attractions through sales efforts, advertising, and public relations. This financial support also pays for the day to day operating expenses of the St. Landry Parish Visitor Center, located at 978 Kennerson Road at I-49, Exit 23 in Opelousas, Louisiana.

The seven-member Commission, appointed by the governing authority of the parish, meets on a monthly basis to review overall policy, budget, finances, marketing plans, and programs. This meeting is held on the second Wednesday of every month at the St. Landry Parish Visitor Information Center and is open to the public.

The May 2019 Board Meeting will not happen on the second Wednesday, May 8th, but the second Thursday, May 9th.

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