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8 Nov 2019

Port Barre Cracklin Festival


All of you boudin and cracklin fans don't want to miss the Port Barre Cracklin Festival in November. This festival showcases the ritual of making cracklins - a traditional Louisiana food that has made headlines on such cooking reality shows such as Top Chef. Click the button below to learn more.

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19 Oct 2019

Experience Louisiana Festival


The mission of the Experience Louisiana Festival is to showcase all of the cultures, cuisine, music, and traditions of the State of Louisiana. Enjoy live music on the music stage, shop for original works of art in the artists market, and see traditional folk art demonstrations in the folk life village. Click the button below to learn more.

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31 Aug 2019

Southwest LA Zydeco Music Festival


For more than 35 years Opelousas, Louisiana has been celebrating Creole culture with a zydeco music concert. Click the button below to learn more.

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6 Jul 2019

Lebeau Zydeco Festival


Visit the home of the famous Rockin' Sidney for zydeco music concert in Lebeau, Louisiana. Click the button below to learn more.

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26 Apr 2019

Étouffée Festival


Sample one of Louisiana's most iconic dishes, Étouffée, at the Mayor's Cook-Off. Click the button below to learn more.

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27 Feb 2019

Taster’s Choice


This culinary event takes place just before Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. It's a culinary competition and celebration in which participants get to enjoy good food and good wine before Lent begins. During the event sample dishes, enjoy drinks at the cash bar, and hear live zydeco music. Click the button below to learn more.

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6 Jan 2019

Zydeco Breakfast & Grand Opening


Come and celebrate the grand opening of Beau's Garage, a restaurant and event venue in Opelousas, Louisiana. In addition to the authentic Zydeco musical entertainment, this morning time Grand Opening event will feature beignets and amazing breakfast plates.

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