Month: May 2018

6 May 2018

Cajun Spirit. Creole Soul. – A Brief History of St. Landry Parish


"St. Landry Parish, Louisiana is a place with Cajun spirit and Creole soul." Thumb through any St. Landry Parish phone book and you’ll see surnames that indicate a gumbo of ethnicities – French, Spanish, German, African, Irish, Native American and more, but many residents also celebrate their Cajun and Creole heritage. Cajuns are descendants of the Acadians, who were evicted from the region of Nova Scotia in the mid-1700s, after their continued refusal to swear allegiance to the British crown. Many of these Acadian exiles landed in south Louisiana, [...]

Cajun Spirit. Creole Soul. – A Brief History of St. Landry Parish2019-09-12T15:11:40-05:00
3 May 2018

Town of Sunset Unveils the Zydeco Rubboard


Sunset, LA — The sun is always rising in Sunset, Louisiana, a community known for its local artisans and numerous antique shops. On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, at 10am, the Town of Sunset will unveil its first public art piece, the Zydeco Rubboard. This 4×6 ft. sculpture, created by local welder Pat Miller, will be revealed on the north-west corner of Duffy Avenue and Napoleon Avenue, just off of Interstate 49. […]

Town of Sunset Unveils the Zydeco Rubboard2019-09-12T15:11:40-05:00